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Christine’s Chicks are Coming!

Thank you to Steph, Tina, Judi and Ardelle for sponsoring Christine’s chick project! She is very excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her chicks.

Her husband owns the property in which she lives and has the chicken pen which is just behind the main house. She broods the chicks in the house and takes them out after one month when they are much bigger and able to stand the weather changes that happen. This enables her to save as many chicks as possible since they are in close proximity and the care given is good at the time when they are younger.

The system she uses is different as she never buys from the sellers but rather buys eggs from farmers and takes them to the hatcher. The logic is that she saves more on the chicks when she buys eggs rather than the chicks themselves. 

Christine picked the eggs up on September 21st and delivered them to the hatching plant. They will be ready in a week’s time. The success rate of hatching chicks from one tray is 85% so she will have anywhere between 160-180 chicks or even more if the eggs were good.

She usually sells the chicks after a month for other people to raise them for whatever they want but her intention is that she wants to have them lay eggs and sell both eggs and chickens too. She will have them lay eggs for about 4 months and then sell those ones after the replacement chicks are big enough to lay eggs. This is her sustainability plan for the future.

She is very pleased and grateful that she is finally getting her chicks and the journey has already started. She already started making plans to open the next room because the space will not be enough if they start to lay eggs because they usually start at 4 months.

This is the breed of chickens Christine is hatching. Stay tuned for updates about the chicks!

And just a quick update about Maria’s piglets… she got 12 (even though it only looks like 11)!

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