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Completing the Kits!

(video from 2016 – number of kits distributed is now over 5000)

Well, we are back in Canada and we’re now looking forward to the trip in July. As there will be six of us traveling from Kelowna to Entebbe, we will be able to travel with components for 1500 kits which includes 4 liners, 2 shields, and 2 Ziploc bags. We are almost at our target amount of components for these 1500 kits but if there is more made between now and July, it will be stored for distribution in 2020. Sewing bees are held monthly in Kelowna so email me if you’d like to be involved!

Now comes the Ugandan contribution to the kits. We always want to invest in the local economy and work to empower more women there so we purchase the panties, facecloths and soap from the local Ugandan markets and we employ 4 women tailors to make the other 4 pads per kit.

Our budget for the Ugandan components is $5000. This will pay for:

3000 panties

1500 facecloths

150 large bars of laundry soap to cut into 10 bars each

6000 pads

1500 drawstring bags

In order to make this goal a reality and to be able to say that we have distributed close to 7000 kits since 2012, we need your support! Please sponsor a few kits so that these girls can stay in school. Each kit now needs $3.33 and will last for 3 years. That is $1.11 per year! A tiny amount invested into a life-changing education.

You can donate through the paypal link (even without a paypal account), etransfer to erika(at), or you can mail a cheque to the address below on the right. Any donation over $20 will receive a tax receipt in early 2020 for income tax purposes.

Thank you for helping us serve the vulnerable girls in Uganda. We couldn’t do it without you.

Webale Nnyo!



On Monday, Anna and I presented at two primary schools: Kijabijo Primary School in Gyasa and Kyengera Preparatory School in Kyengera.

Kijabijo had over 100 girls that they wanted us to present to but we only had 50 kits for them (as they had originally been told) so they gave us 51. These girls were older but still just in primary school so we talked about safe sex as well as puberty and menstruation. We always focus on abstinence and keeping the girls in school but we want them to be informed anyway.

The second school is owned by a teacher that I used to work with at Living Hope in primary. Elias is very proud of his school of course and was thrilled to host his first team of international guests. His girls were very young, 9 and 10 years old, but there were four older ones and all the female teaching staff. I answered several questions about family planning for them but focussed on hygiene and puberty for the girls.

The girls were especially excited about the messages on the back of the instructions. Thanks to the Kelowna Girl Guides for personalizing all of them!

It was fun to teach again and I am excited for July when we get to distribute over 1500 more kits!

Have a great day.

In friendship