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You may remember Suzan who I introduced to you a few weeks ago as a new mama candidate. We were lucky to get three people who donated enough between them to sponsor her fresh food business.

Thursday is “market day” (although the market runs every day) where the veggie sellers come to buy their produce from the delivery trucks that come from the village.

We met Suzan at 8am and while I sat in the van and people watched (costs go up when a muzungu is around), Andrew and Suzan purchased matooke, irish potato, banana, and sweet potato. Suzan decided to start with that and then build from there. She’s hoping to find a larger spot to sell from in her community as she’s currently selling from the front of her home.

Suzan dreams of becoming a lawyer but told Andrew that she never finished S6 (high school) because of the birth of her second child.

After the death of her father, when she couldn’t pay school fees in S4 and S6, alternate ways of paying were offered. Unfortunately the second child came before her secondary schooling was over.

It is our hope to be able to support Suzan in her business and in her quest to get her high school diploma. Maybe we will eventually find a sponsor who will help her achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer.

For now, her fresh produce stand will provide the necessary income for her children to stay in school. She doesn’t want them to have to give up school because of a lack of school fees. She knows the value of an education and hopes to be able to join her children in completing secondary school.

We always need support from our community to help these women’s dreams come true. Please donate! Any amount adds up.

Webale Nnyo.

Have a great day.


B’Fit Tailoring School

Welcome to Betty’s tailoring school and workshop!

I first met Betty in 2008 and have been thrilled to be able to witness the growth of her tailoring business. Since 2014, Betty has been sewing pads and bags for our menstrual kits. She has made me several outfits simply based on a sketch and my measurements. She is a gifted seamstress.

Two years ago, she spoke about wanting to start a tailoring school. Her dream was to train others as well as offering internship for tailoring students. This spring, her dream began to materialize.

She found a home with 5 rooms where she can live with her family and students can stay during the week if they live far away.

She is offering full training programs as well as specialized training if someone wants to learn a specific skill. She is also learning machine repair to be able to teach her students.

ISEE helped her equip her school so that she can offer full services from the design to the final product with details like snaps. The only piece she is not interested in doing is the embroidery but who knows, that may come next!

The students at Dr Knox held a bake sale to sponsor Lydia, a young mother of 2, who had been chased from school when she fell pregnant with her first child. It took a few weeks for Lydia to settle into Betty’s school program but now she is soaring.

Betty says Lydia has great drive and is continuously trying new things. She simply looks at a dress, thinks of modifications, and starts sewing. To say she couldn’t sew three months ago, this young woman is incredibly gifted.

“I want to be an international designer,” Lydia exclaims. If she stays as focussed as she is now, I see a bright designing future for her!

Have a great day.