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ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

Fantastic February

What an amazing February it has been for ISEE!

1. Another Great Sewing Bee: While we had fewer people at this sewing bee, the progress made on the kits was terrific. We are over half way to 2000 kits and there are many components in the process of being completed. Thanks to everyone who came, to those who work from home, and to the Glenmeadows strata for allowing us to use the Clubhouse.

2. Kit Assembly: For the second year, ISEE was part of Global Citizens Kelowna’s Global SchoolHouse. ISEE’s role was to run the child labour station to help students in grade 6 learn about the challenges that children all over the world face. As an added bonus, the students actually worked for ISEE by assembling kit components so that they are ready to be added to the components made in Uganda and then distributed. 980 kits were assembled by the students and will save ISEE team members countless hours when we travel to Uganda in July. Special shout-out to Nicole who was there everyday to oversee the station. Thanks also to all the students who were involved, to the teachers who came to the event, and to Joyce and the GCK crew for organizing such an amazing event.

3. Harmony Day Global Food Fair: Dr Knox students held their annual Global FoodFair on Harmony Day and raised money to sponsor Mamas! While in Uganda at the end of March, Corey and I will meet and begin the process of setting up Zaitun’s restaurant. The students also chose to pay for the restocking of Angel’s shop who lost all her stock in a fire last July.

4. Donations: A big thank you to a private donor who has sponsored Hadijah’s new fridge for her restaurant. She will be able to build her business and continue to provide for her family. Another big thank you to our partners at Gifts to Grandmothers who have generously donated toward the sponsorship of our remaining Mama candidates. We are excited for these women to finally be able to start their businesses. Thank you also to Glenmore Elementary that held its Month of Love and asked for donations for ISEE. We appreciate the support.

Corey and I are leaving for Uganda on March 17th and have lots of plans for our short time there. Corey is working on a documentary about some of the Mamas, I will be presenting in two new primary schools, we are visiting a new school that has reached out to us, we will be starting up the new Mamas, and we will be revisiting partners including Yimba, HEYFU and React Now. We are excited to see how the projects are progressing!

There will probably be a daily blog post about our day’s events so I encourage you to sign up for notifications using the widget on the right. You won’t receive any spam emails from us, the only email you will get will be to notify you of the updated blog. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you so much for your continued support and check this space again soon for updates on our adventures in Uganda in March 2019!


Care for Francis

We are desperately seeking a recurring sponsor or a group of people interested in sponsoring an ISEE special care project.

Francis was born with encephalitis. He is the grandson of Jane, our Mama with a water tank. While her water sales are doing well enough to care for her daughter and grand-children as well as send those grand-children to school, it is not enough to cover care for Francis.

Once a month, Francis has the opportunity to go to the clinic for an assessment, physiotherapy, and medication. However, most months, Jane does not have the money to cover the transport, clinic fees, and medication so Francis does not go for treatment.

ISEE would like to support Francis in his care. We can provide transport to and from the clinic in a safe car (instead of on the back of a bodaboda) for 30,000 shillings then provide 105,000 for the clinic visit. Jane has promised to have 25,000 shillings saved each month to purchase the required medication.

This amounts to $50 per month Canadian to provide Francis with this care. Please sponsor Francis’ care. Even a partial sponsorship will help!