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Hello on Monday

Just a quick note to let you know that we are alive and well. We were all in bed early last night for our early departure to Njeru today to present at two schools that are served by Margaret Hasasha. We presented at a secondary school in the morning and a primary in the afternoon, distributing 400 kits in the process!! It was a successful day but we were out for almost 12 hours so everyone is tired again.

Yesterday, we spent the day visiting Mamas in the Namuwongo area. We saw Florence, Francoise, Aidah, Semmy, Lorna, and Cathy. We also visited rashida’s stall but she had left for the village for the day to attend her niece’s graduation so her 10 year old daughter was manning the stall.

We had a wonderful fish dinner with Muhamad and his family on Sunday – James worked his usual magic and prepared us a royal feast!

We are off on safari tomorrow so there won’t be any blog posts until Friday as we won’t be back until late Thursday most likely. Internet at Paraa is intermittent so if you don’t hear anything from any of us, we are fine, just enjoying all that Murchison Falls National Park has to offer!

Enjoy your week.

In friendship,


PS – there were many more photos to upload but the internet is molasses-ly slow so I have only managed to add two. I will try to add more later! Goodnight!

Today according to Madi

Today we started the day with some eggs on toast and pineapple. We then went and visited William, James and his team, they spoke with us about their awesome organisation HEYFU. HEYFU stands for: Heath Empowered Youth Focus Uganda. They focus on empowerment within their community as well as health and sexual education. They have a clinic where they give out free contraceptives and advice. They showed us the sanitary pads and backpacks that they had made to sell and support the community.

After meeting the wonderful HEYFU team we went and visited a couple of the mamas. First we visited Jane who built her business near her home so she can look after her grandchildren while she works. She sells water to the community from her water tank. She was very friendly and happy to show us around. We then visited mama Rehema who has a chip stand up the road from her home. She was very welcoming and excited to see us and show us her stand. Lastly we visited Lilly. Lilly has a shop in a market where she makes and sells bags as well as personalized embroidery. We were all very impressed with her work.