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Four New Mamas!

We went from 36 at our presentation to a final 4 selected as candidates for the 2019 intake of Mamas. It wasn’t easy and we would always love to sponsor more but these four were really positive and we are excited about their sponsorship!

There is the possibility of one more being added as her child was taken to hospital the day we had our one-on-one interviews. Anna will meet with her and give her final feedback.

As we were somewhat out “in the village,” three of these projects are farming related.

So now it’s up to you our dear donors. Please consider even sponsoring a portion of one mama’s requests. If several people sponsor a little bit, we will have these women set up in no time!


1. Christine: $450

$100 raised! Thanks Helen.

33 years old, mother of 4 and expecting her fifth, husband is a peasant farmer that works on the land out of town and comes home on weekends.

Business requested – poultry farming

Needs: 100 chicks and food to take them to the laying stage. The food is the most expensive part of this project as she needs several bags of food to take them to adulthood.

Christine has experience raising chicks so has the coop, the drinkers and the feeders. She is capable of doing the immunizations and will provide the charcoal to keep the chicks warm. Her goal is to raise the chicks to egg laying so that she can hatch some and sell some eggs as a way of creating more income and keeping her business sustainable.


2. Sarah: $675

47 years old, has four dependent children and 2 dependent grandchildren, husband is a farmer.

Business requested – goat rearing

Needs: 3 adults goats (1 male and 2 females), and materials to construct a larger goat pen.

Sarah currently has 3 goats that produce young that she keeps in her small kitchen on her piece of land. She wants to add another 3 to get some strength in her herd and she wants to build an extension to the kitchen so that the goats have their own space. She is worried about petty thieves so she will ensure it is a safe space for them at night and she knows what she needs to do to make the pen easy to clean so that the goats stay healthy. She will pay for the labour and some fo the poles for her business.


3. Cissy: $375

46 years old, single mom of 5 and currently the matron of Namuwongo school although she wants to focus more on her business.

Business requested – restaurant

Needs: stoves, saucepans, serving items, flasks and a popcorn machine

Cissy currently has a small roadside stall that two of her daughters run when she is at work. It is close to home so they carry the supplies back and forth each day. She wants to grow her business and be able to serve food during the day and offer popcorn in the evenings when the stall is closed. She has been running her stall for the past 2.5 years.


4. Maria:  SPONSORED!! Thank you Mary W.

54 years old, 10 dependents including her husband who is ill and one grandchild.

Business requested – piggery

Needs: cement, a trip of sand, poles, iron sheets

Maria has been raising pigs for 10 years and supports her family through them as well as through a small canteen. She has an old, weak piggery structure but she wants to build something stronger to house her pigs properly. She has 8 pigs and one is expecting for mid-September so she is hoping that the structure will be built by then. She will pay for the labour.


Please donate toward these awesome women! You can send a cheque to the address on the right or make a donation using the PayPal link, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. If you do use PayPal, you can add a “message to seller” to let me know which Mama you want to contribute toward. Thank you again for your support! These women really deserve a chance. Webale Nnyo!

In frienship,


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