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Amazing Glenmore Schools

North Glenmore Elementary


In November, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the grade 6 We Day Celebrations. I was asked to share with the students about being a critical consumer through the social justice lens. I shared about how the media can portray events in certain ways to sway donors and that they need to be discerning when investigating projects they want to invest into. I taught about how charities must submit their budget on a yearly basis and that the Canadian government oversees the way that money is spent. Financial information should be posted on websites. Transparency is important to build donor confidence. Where does your dollar go?

After sharing about being a critical donor, I shared about ISEE’s work and how girls don’t attend school once they get their menstrual period. I talked about gender equity and the importance of educating girls.

I was thrilled to be able to share with the students and parents about finding their “spark”. I always tell them that my “spark” is the work ISEE is doing but that I wanted them to find what their “spark” is in order to serve the community and world around them. It may not be ISEE but it is their responsibility as citizens of this world to find their “spark”.

The grade 6 students came to Dr Knox this week and presented a cheque to ISEE. The students and staff at the school had a “privilege day” where the students and staff members could purchase a privilege for the day. Want to chew gum all day? $1.00. Want to play with the ducklings for 10 minutes? $1.00. Everyone participated and it was a huge success. What a great idea! Thank you Mrs. Davies and all the grade 6 teachers and students involved in this initiative.


Ecole Glenmore Elementary

Ecole Glenmore Elementary has always been a strong supporter of ISEE’s work and we are truly grateful for the support over the past 10 years. Glenmore Grizzlies have sponsored Mamas, a chicken coop, a school library, sporting equipment, and musical instruments for schools in need. In the fall, Mme Godon’s class held a toy sale and this month, they held a garage sale where the students brought in items to sell to their peers and all the money raised went to ISEE. They also had the Salvation Army local thrift shop involved by donating items to sell. Merci beaucoup!


Ecole Dr Knox Middle School

Ecole Dr Knox Middle School has very active leadership and social justice programs that have raised funds for ISEE over the past few years as well. To date, Knox Falcons have sponsored three Mamas. This year, students held an international food fair, a pink cupcake sale, and an ice cream sandwich sale. The money raised at the food fair was used in March to sponsor Gertrude and the students have just presented another cheque to ISEE to further our work in July. Merci Mme King, Mrs Stone, and all the amazing middle school students.


I am excited to see what we can do with these funds this summer. There are lots of ideas so we will see what develops in the next two months. We are so lucky to live in such an amazing community! Webale Nnyo Nnyo Nnyo!




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