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Thanks Falcons!

Thanks to the generosity of the Social Justice club and the hungry stomachs of the Knox Falcons, the students raised enough through the Global Food Fair to sponsor Catherine. She now has all her cooking equipment, peas and flour to make her fried goods to sell. She’s still looking for a good location but that will come soon! Thanks Falcons!

Report filed April 2nd, 2018

This last week I was able to work with Catherine in trying to set up her business and all went actually well, regardless of the fact that it rained on us during the shopping on the second day.

We managed to buy everything that had been written on her application like Saucepan, Deep fryer, shallow fryer, stove, flour, cooking oil and the peas. The first days we shopped the hard items like the metallic stuff and the second day was the usable because she needed those to start.

The only thing that we were not able to deal with was the rented area, which I have assigned her to look for with the fact that she would be able to pay for it after ISEE Solutions has paid her initial rent.  So I will wait for her to be in touch with me, I hope soon.

I wished her well from the ISEE Solutions and delivered to her Erika’s personal message wishing her the best, and that we are excited she has joined the Mama Nguvu empowerment program. We look forward to seeing through this Mama and start monitoring the project.

Report by;

Echel Andrew

ISEE Solutions

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