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A few pics and some words from Liz on Wednesday

Following our breakfast of pizza, prepared by our chef James, we set out on our journey to a village on the outskirts of Kampala??? Due to construction and road signs being taken down we found ourselves asking the locals for directions. Thank goodness our Ugandan driver Apollo and Andrew, the Program coordinator here in Uganda, are unlike the stereotypical western man who is reluctant to ask for directions. Two locals escorted us on their boda (motorcycle) to ensure we arrived at our destination. When calling ahead, we were instructed to look for the “Pink Children” at the street where we were to turn on to. It was easy to spot the bright pink uniformed children awaiting our arrival.

Andrew was put in touch with this remote group, who also invited neighbouring schools to attend our presentation. We spoke to 3 groups of girls aged 9-17+ and were grateful to have interpreters with us as there was some language barrier. The local nurse that was assigned to our group was very invested in helping the local youth and better educating himself. The return trip to Kampala was like many others we’ve experienced – delayed due to traffic “jam”.

We were all really grateful to come home to a fresh cooked meal prepared by James as we were quite hungry from our travels. Tonight we are able to experience our first evening of “free time” which probably means heading to bed early in order to gear up for our last day of presentation before most of us head off on safari! Can’t wait!

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