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Letter of Thanks from Rovence

3rd of July, 2015

Dear Mama Nguvu,

I would like to thank you for the support of the things I requested, because they have helped me a lot in my business. So, even if I am being called to attend any function of cooking, the materials I have them in plenty. Therefore am always happy and glad with that. Where by at first, I had no anything so, I had to hire from friends. But the money they gave me (the profits from the items ISEE bought), I bought some other two food warmers, three flasks, six saucepans, two dozens of plates and also two dozens of cups.

For sure Mama Nguvu’s project has improved on my business because my customers take cold drinks like soda and during serving, since all my things are always clean and smart, I was counted as the cleanest person among others which also gave me points. Mama Nguvu gave me capital because I did not have it. Therefore I ask the Almighty Lord to help me and get more jobs in that, I develop. Ever since I joined this project, the money which I get has helped me in paying my children’s school fees and also paying the rent plus my employees whom I work with.

The next thing, that I have managed is to buy a plot of land fifty by fifty. Therefore I thank God for that, although sometimes I keep on thinking a lot of things. And in the first place, I am an HIV victim but whenever I think of of my lifespan, my children leaving them without anything, that make me cry because I do not have anyone who can take care of them because even their Dad died. So I am their Father and the same time their Mother. I have even some other children whom I look after of my young brother plus mine which is not an easy thing at all. I wish to build a house now to be free from paying rent.

So, I have to pray to God because he is the answer for everything and since he gave me Mama Nguvu project, I pray to Him to give you everlasting life and to get our needs and improve on our standard of living. May the Almighty Father provide you with his blessings Mama Nguvu project plus the long lasting life.

Yours Faithfully,

Nakanwagi Rovinsa

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