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Amazing Youth

Today’s youth are amazing. They are becoming more globally aware and interested in helping locally and internationally. In the past few months, ISEE Solutions has had the great fortune of receiving support four times from youth in our hometown. Thank you to all of them.

1. Joel, a young man who just celebrated his 11th birthday, learned about ISEE through the grade 5 Care and Make it Fair Symposium where Brenna presented about our work. He was so impressed with the work we are doing, he asked his family for donations to ISEE instead of birthday presents. Thank you so much Joel!

2. The Me to We Club at Peachland Elementary, under the guidance of Lynn Frey, held a fundraiser called “bring the animals home”. Students at the school could purchase a paper animal to stick on the wall down the hall of the school. Once the line was completed from the gym the the barn, the animal was home. What great creativity!

3. Students at Glenmore Elementary, under the direction of Rhonda Draper, participated in their third annual Month of Love campaign. Families were asked to give up a ‘want’ and collect the money to help others get what they ‘need.’ The money raised was shared between ISEE and Niteo, both Kelowna based organizations that work in Uganda.

4. Maddy and Calen, two students at KSS who are traveling with ISEE to Uganda in July, presented at the Millennium Development Challenge in an attempt to win $5000 for our Mama Nguvu project. The competition was stiff and the team championing Partners in the Horn of Africa ended up winning the grant for a well. Even though our team didn’t win the grant, we really appreciate the exposure that ISEE received through the promotion of our project and vision.

You can see the video of Maddy and Calen’s amazing presentation here.

Thank you to these amazing individuals and groups.

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