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Arrived in Gulu

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we are in Gulu, northern Uganda. The drive took 7 hours. The first half of the 330km trip was on well paved roads with lines painted on them (yellow, white and dotted!) but the other half was spent weaving back and forth to avoid potholes. Maybe the ride is only 230km but with all the going back and forth, it added an extra 100km!

Our work starts tomorrow morning at 9am with a meeting with Pastor George, an amazing man who is building nursery schools in the surrounding villages. We may do a presentation in the afternoon at one of the schools that Andrew has connected with for us but nothing gets confirmed until the day of the event. Even Pastor George will be confirmed tomorrow morning before we go.

There is a new (to us) school called Saint Marguerite that we are going to try to find. Apparently they are building homes out of water bottles. They fill them with sand and stack them before plastering them into walls. These homes are bullet proof. Not that this is needed now but the civil war would still be fresh in the minds of the teachers at the school.

We are here until July 22. We have internet in our hotel restaurant apparently but we weren’t able to get on tonight. We are at the Coffee Hut drinking iced tea, passion fruit juice, banana smoothie and a pot of hot tea in exchange for using their wifi. We may become evening regulars.

I will have photos to add to the next update.

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