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Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

Why Invest and not just Give?

When I say that I am travelling to Uganda, people are often quick to ask: “What can I give you to take?”

I don’t want to arrive with lots of things to give and continue to feed the idea that westerners are “wallets on legs” (an expression I read in a book called Africa by Richard Dowden). When in Uganda I often hear requests such as: “I need a sponsor for school.” “Give me a camera.” “My children need new clothes.” “I need a job.”  They’re not being rude, they just see how much I have and hope that I might share my wealth. I can fully understand their requests but that’s not what ISEE is all about. We are not a funding partner. We do not “give.” We invest.

Instead of asking me what you can give, ask me how you can invest in the community.

1. Invest your money: Sustainability, education and empowerment solutions can’t happen without initial monetary investments by people like you! If you want to donate to our work, please let us know. Please remember that as we are not yet a registered charity, we cannot issue a tax receipt for donations received.

2. Invest your time: Ask how you can be further involved in ISEE Solutions.

3. Invest your talents: Avid sewer? Know how to put together an awesome fundraiser? Have other talents? We need you!

4. Invest your voice: Find out more about what we are doing and talk to people. Word of mouth is very powerful.

5. Invest your social network: There have been many examples of the power of social media. Spread the word about ISEE Solutions online and help us grow!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that people want to give things but there are already lots of organizations that are giving things. ISEE doesn’t give things. ISEE invests.

Do you know that for every year of education that a girl in a developing nation gets, her earnings rise by 10% per year for the rest of her life? Do you know that by helping women stay healthy, the community stays healthy as well? Do you know that a simple garden can move an orphanage from a dependant state to an independent state?

Be part of ISEE Solutions and help us Invest in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions across the globe.

Have a great day!

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