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Here are some ideas for fundraising. While we’d love for you to fundraise for ISEE’s projects, please feel free to use these ideas to support organizations that ignite your social awareness spark!

Sponsor a Menstrual Set

It takes about $15 to make a menstrual set if all the supplies need to be purchased. You can sponsor a set for $15 and we will send you a card to say that a set has been created in your name or in the name of a friend if you wish to buy a set as a gift.

Month of Love

This project was created by Rhonda Draper, an elementary school music teacher in Kelowna. She wanted to help students learn the difference between wants and needs. She challenged students and their families to give up one “want” for the month of love (usually February but any month will do) and donate the money from that “want” to an organization that helps with the “needs” of others. Check out the website:

School Tournament

A student at a small high school in the USA put together a volleyball tournament to raise funds for Bree’s Forever Home initiative. From a school of 100, she raised $1900! This could be used to put together any type of sporting tournament as a fundraiser. Here is Kaitlin’s step-by-step guide. Step by Step for a Volleyball Fundraiser

Toy Sale

Ultimate recycling! In your school or community, ask children/parents to go through the toys at home to clear out the ones that are no longer played with or wanted. Determine a set number of days to collect those toys (at school, we collect for a two week period) and sort those toys into categories: baby toys, dolls, cars, games, stuffies, etc. To make life easier, all toys can be the same price (at school we did a $1 sale, in the community it was a $2 sale.) Set the toys up on tables for easy viewing and start selling!

Change for Uganda

Over the course of one week, collect change from your school or colleagues at work. Monday is for nickels, Tuesday for dimes, Wednesday for quarters, Thursday for loonies, and Friday for Twonies.

After-School Movies

Once a month (or as you wish), show a movie after school. We suggest charging $5 per person or $10 per family and providing popcorn for the people attending as long as they bring their own container (to reduce the amount of waste.) Please make sure your school has permission to show movies to groups. School boards sometimes purchase a license to be able to show movies to large audiences.

Book and a Buck (or two!)

Have students or colleagues donate a new children’s book and a buck or two for scholastic materials to be purchased in Uganda. Inside the front cover, have the donor write a message to the child in Uganda reading the book. Please print the message in clear block letters (no handwriting) and please do not include email or snail mail addresses. Send the books to us and we will deliver them to the schools that we work with in Uganda.

$5.00 “Sponsor a Book” Labels

Create unique book labels and sell to people who want to sponsor a book. People pay for a label that will be glued inside a book purchased in Uganda that matches the Ugandan curriculum. Textbooks in Uganda cost as little as $5.00 each so a label will provide a copy of a textbook to a classroom where no textbooks are available for the students to use or a limited amount of textbooks are shared between all the students.