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Train the Trainer

Dear Erika!

It has been such an honor and blessing having you together with your team from I SEE Solutions come to Alpha and Omega Day and Boarding Junior School to equip our students with knowledge of how they can stay in school through talks on very pertinent and important topical issues.

For purposes of sustainability, you did not stop at equipping only our students but also went ahead to equip the staff (both teachers and caregivers) with skills and knowledge of helping these students when you returned yesterday Saturday 27th July, 2019 to share with the staff topical areas such as: Sexuality and human development, knowing oneself, reproductive anatomy and physiology, puberty, human reproduction, sexuality and relationships, sexuality and sexual behavior, sexuality and sexual health, etc amidst your busy schedules. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you, Andrew and the entire team. Special thanks to the people of Canada who generously and continuously give in support of this incredible work. I would like to request you to convey my heartily gratitude to all the people of Canada for their continued generosity towards this great cause. With their immense generosity, love and commitment, many girls will stay in schools, there will be reduction in cases of early pregnancies, cases of the spread of STDs/STIs will be minimized.

On behalf of all the staff, students and parents of Alpha and Omega Junior School, I would like to convey our gratitude to you and your team for giving us the opportunity to be part of the transformation. Thank you for considering us and making us share in your special love.

I therefore commit myself as the Head teacher to make follow up with all the staff to ensure that what they learned on Saturday 27th July, 2019 are implemented. It is a common practice for us as Alpha and Omega Junior School staff to conduct a follow up meeting whenever we hold a workshop or seminar like the one we had with you on Saturday 27th July, 2019. We shall hold that meeting on Wednesday this week to come up with action points after each member sharing what they learned.

Thank you for the friendship. With this love and friendship, I believe we shall learn from each other. Being teachers, I believe there are so many things we shall learn from each other.

Safe travels back to Canada on Wednesday. Send our warmest regards to your family, friends and partners. We love them all. I believe we shall one day meet them too.


Geoffrey Omongin

Head teacher Alpha and Omega Junior School

Two days of visits

The past two days have been busy but in a different way than Wednesday.

When we were at Shamma High School last week, Andrew was approached by a South Sudanese man who wanted to know what we were doing. He works with the people in a refugee camp and with South Sudanese who are in Kampala. Andrew felt that this was someone I should meet as his vision of empowering the women aligned well with ISEE.

On Thursday, I met with Reverand Joseph, Bishop Samuel, and three ladies who run programs for the women in the community. They have a large building that is rented for them where they have church but also training workshops in soap making. They are desperately trying to engage the youth as there are many South Sudanese boys who are orphans or whose fathers are fighting in South Sudan and these boys are getting into drugs. It is their goal to offer welding, carpentry, tailoring, and other programs to give youth and other community members some skills.

They were very interested in our reproductive health workshop but getting into the camp would be a huge bureaucratic headache as only certain organizations can go in and lots of official papers have to be signed. There are 60,000 people in the camp. (I know Days for Girls is looking to get their product into refugee camps so maybe this would be an access point for them.) The Bishop said that our “train the trainer” program would be good as they could bring community leaders to the building and we could train them on our reproductive health program.

I explained about what ISEE does and how we are small and not a funding partner but that the vocational training could be something that we are interested in maybe supporting. They invited us to return on Tuesday to see the soap making project and have promised to send outlines and budgets for their other programs that they want to start. We will see what we can do!

I then had a lovely visit with Margaret, one of our original Mamas who is still using the sewing machine we bought for her in 2014. Gertrude was next – a new Mama that the students at Dr Knox sponsored. She has a computer/stationers shop and is currently studying Information Technology on the weekends. She was doing her homework as we arrived with her adorable baby sitting on the floor next to her.

The afternoon was spent going through 33 Mama applications and unfortunately culling some of the applicants. Anna, Andrew and I managed to bring it down to 9 possibilities and Andrew spent the afternoon on Friday calling each one to get a feel of their business. Because this group is from outside Kampala and more in “the village”, there are more farming projects: chickens, goats and pigs. I will met with these ladies on Monday so stay tuned for the introduction of our new candidates!

Yesterday, I reconnected with three mamas; Lorna, Francoise and Aidah. They are very inspiring women. I am always humbled by how hard they work and the conditions in which they live.

There you go! Your update for the day. Saturday, we are presenting to the teachers at Alpha and Omega. We have a group of 45 and Andrew and I are presenting together. That is something new! We’ll see how it goes.

I wish you a lovely day.

In friendship,


PS – Francoise gave me a kitten!