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Update from Geoffrey Omongin’s brick making project

{ This is the email Geoffrey sent us regarding his brick making project. Geoffrey has been an excellent communicator with us regarding all aspects of the project — both successes and challenges. Read on to get a birds-eye view of the project so far as well as some idea about the direction for the future. –ed}




Dear Sir/Madam,


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Board of Directors, partners, donors and all the friends of ISEE Solutions Society for reading through my project proposal, believing in the project ideas and therefore availing financial contributions of UGX 2,500,000. I am greatly humbled by your love and sacrifice. 

This report covers:

  1. General updates on the progress
  2. Achievements
  3. Challenges
  4. Conclusion
  1. General updates on the progress of the project

Upon getting a piece of land (where to make bricks from), we started clearing the site which was followed by digging out and mixing of clay. This has been done in three phases so far. We have produced 37,756 bricks. The area we have dug is smaller than the remaining area. We are estimating the number of bricks to be produced from the remaining piece of land between 40,000- 45,000.

Meanwhile we still have a heap of ready clay which we have not yet used for making bricks. This heap is likely to produce 7,280 bricks. We would have finished this heap by last week. We were seriously affected by heavy rains.

The first bricks are now dry and ready for baking. Altogether we have ten piles of bricks. Other bricks have not yet been heaped in piles. When they are fairly dry we shall pile them.

As soon as we are done with the remaining heap of clay, we shall resume digging and mixing more clay.

  1. Achievements:

The following among others are some of the achievements registered so far:

  1. We were able to get a piece of land on lease for one year. The land measures 30*30ft. We shall use the land until we have exhausted all clay that can be dug out.
  2. Lives being transformed. Some of these youths were once exposed to drugs and reckless living. We have always had sessions of interactions. I have continued to share with them my personal experience and testimonies of how I became what I am today as well as my future ambitions. This is the beginning of many more lives being touched.
  3. Very committed and hardworking youths who have been involved in making the bricks
  4. Acquisition of skills and temporary employment of the youths. We have worked consistently with 7 youths from the very beginning. These youths have been trained and equipped in brick making, care for bricks, marketing, etc. On top of the skills, these young men and women are also being taught acceptable life skills and values such as teamwork, decision making, cooperation, ability to accept constructive criticism, time management, etc. They have appreciated the need to work and be responsible citizens as they grow and become adults. 
  5. We have been able to make 37,756 bricks in a span of one month and two weeks of serious work.
  6. The size of the piece of land. We are expecting to make between 60,000 to 80,000 bricks from the land. The owner of the land allowed us to dig as much as we can. 
  7. We have continued to provide breakfast and lunch to these young men.
  8. Teamwork has been exhibited. We have continued to work together.
  9. Regular checking of the bricks even in my absence. These young men and women have continued to check on and take care of the bricks to ensure that they are well covered.
  1. Challenges:

Below are some of the challenges we have encountered:

  1. Delays in getting the site for making bricks. It took us almost two weeks to get land. This delayed the start.
  2. Limited space for making bricks. The space given by the owner of the land is not enough for drying out bricks compared to the man power we have. This made us not to work some days. Some parts are water logged. Drying of bricks becomes hard. The piles of bricks have also occupied some space.
  3. Change in weather conditions. Some bricks were damaged by heavy rains. However, the polythene papers which we bought greatly helped us. We have used them for covering the bricks. The rains have also caused delays. Whenever it rains in the night, we do not make bricks the following day. The ground becomes wet and slippery. 
  4. Logs and firewood for baking/burning the bricks. We have not yet procured logs for baking the bricks. According to two experts in baking bricks made from pure clay whom I engaged two weeks ago, we shall need 2.5 trucks (canter) of logs to bake 60,000. Each truck costs UGX 650,000-700,000 (transport inclusive). And UGX 250,000 as labour for baking bricks.  {approximately $250 CAD per truck load for fuel and transport, plus an additional $90 for labour for the baking. –ed}
  5. Negative influence. Some people who are also in brick making business have tried to negatively influence my students. They have continued to tell them to demand immediate payments for the work they have been doing. Two weeks ago one of the young men (John Kyagulanyi) tore the clothes he was using for making bricks before me. He demanded immediate payments, walked away and threatened never to come back. I allowed him to pour out his heart. I gave him a phone call and requested to have a meeting with him to which he accepted. He apologised when I met him and promised to come back to continue. He will be reporting back on Monday 14th September, 2020. 


I would like to once again convey my heartily gratitude to the Board of Directors and all the friends of ISEE Solutions Society for choosing to invest in our lives through this project.  

We continue expressing our commitment to changing lives through this project.


Geoffrey Omongin

{If you are interested in contributing to this project, you can always donate through the PayPal link on the side of this page, or you can e-transfer directly to Erika by sending an email to erika (@) iseesolutions (dot) org. Just include a note explaining where you’d like your donation to go and we’ll make sure it gets directly to Geoffrey. As always any donation over $20 CAD is eligible for a tax receipt. Thank you so much for your support! You are making a difference in the world!}

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