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More Fabulous February

First of all, a HUGE congratulations to Anna, Zahara, Bianca and Isabel for winning first place in the Sustainable Development Challenge with their project Education4Her. They beat senior teams from around the city with their passionate presentation about girls in Uganda missing school for something as natural as their period. They boldly spoke in front of their peers and strangers about their own periods and the struggles girls face with their periods. I was so proud!

Their project proposal is to start a small business for 4 women to work together to make sets as a way to help girls in a remote Northern community have access to sanitary supplies so that they can go to school. They will also be able to do their own tailoring and earn enough money to send their own children to school. It’s a beautiful pairing of ISEE’s reproductive health program with the Mama Nguvu program. I am excited to get the project started.

In other news, for those who helped our two mamas in need in December, they are doing fabulously! Mama A was able to make enough money from her shop to invest in a fridge which will bring many more customers. Her children have returned to school and she is so thankful for your support.

Mama A and her new chest fridge

Mama N has managed to get more students for her tailoring school so that she no longer needs to rely on her husband to pay half the rent. He offered her an ultimatum to either move to where he was working or stay where her school is and be on her own. She chose to stay on her own and continue to build the school that she has been working hard to establish.

Mama N’s new tailoring students

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our Mamas! We are excited to see them progress.

Fabulous February!

What an exciting month February has been.

Glenmore Elementary had its annual Month of Love Challenge where students and their families are asked to give up one “want” and put the money saved from that “want” toward someone else’s “need”. Students and families give up pizza nights or coffee mornings and then take the money saved to put toward a charity of their choice. ISEE Solutions is always one of the charities mentioned for this project and we are grateful for the support we receive from the Glenmore community.

Corey spoke with the students at Dr. Knox to share with them a story of gratitude. A couple of years ago, the school sponsored Cathy, a young woman in Namuwongo who had an infant son. She wanted to complete a course in baking and then open a stall to sell donuts and other fried goods. Through the sponsorship from the Dr Knox community, Cathy was able to complete her training, start her business, and she is now even cooking for a nursery school. She gets up early in the morning to fry her donuts that another girl sells for her and then she works the rest of the day at the nursery school. She wrote a letter of thanks to the students at Knox and Corey was able to share that with them.

The Knox students held an international food festival this week to raise funds to sponsor another Mama! It was a huge success. We are excited to see whose life they will change next.

And last but not least, our amazing team at @education4her is heading into the semi-finals of the Sustainable Development Challenge on Tuesday! They have been featured on the radio and in the local paper, they have put together a 20 page proposal, and on Tuesday they share a 10 minute presentation to convince the judges that they should win the $5000 sponsorship toward their project. They want to help ISEE open a workshop in Lokung to make the kits for distribution in Northern Uganda. It’s an amazing project and I know that the community in Lokung will greatly appreciate it.

The finals for the competition are on Wednesday from 7-8:30 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts and there are tickets available if you are interested in attending. Come and see the top three teams compete for a cause they hold dear to their heart! It will be an inspiring evening.

Before the final event, come and visit us at Now is the Time Sustainability Fair in the foyer of the Rotary Centre from 5-7. All the partnered NGOs will be there to share their passion for local and international causes.

So many amazing things happening all driven by the local youth. What an amazing generation is coming up!