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Current Mama Candidates

Here are our current candidate for our Mama Nguvu – Empowering the Mother business sponsorship program.

Now it is up to you our dear donors! These women are looking to support their children, educate them, and provide for all their needs. You can donate through PayPal or by sending a cheque to our address in Kelowna. If I get enough to support a mama while I am here, I will be able to get her set up before I go. You don’t need to support a mama candidate fully, you can donate a portion to one or several as every little bit helps. A small amount can change lives. Please donate!

Webale Nnyo!

1. Angel – $350 – Restocking her shop – sponsored by Dr. Knox Students!

28 years old, 3 children, married (business man)

Angel came to our interview to request support to expand her shop but as she was in her interview, faulty wiring in her shop caused a fire and burned all her stock. Luckily the shop itself did not burn down but now she really needs a big intake of supplies to sell.

2. Gertrude – $750 – Stationery Shop

28 years old, 2 children, married (carpenter)

Gertrude studied library systems and worked as an office administrator so has extensive experience in computers and print jobs. She is currently at home with her two small children.

Gertrude has saved 900,000 shillings to cover three months rent of a suitable place with reliable power and that is secure.

She is asking for a desktop computer, a three-in-one printer, and basic paper stock for the business totalling 2,100,000.

3. Jane – $875 – Water Tank

56 years old, 4 dependents, separated

Jane is a grandmother who has many grandchildren and children of others that she cares for. She still has 2 of her own kids that she is supporting but then she has 2 grand-daughters who are “permanent” fixtures in her home. One grand-daughter’s mother died and the other grand-daughter has parents who can’t care for her.

She and her husband started with nothing, built a home together, saved together, and once they were starting to move up, he found another woman and moved out, taking everything. He does not pay any child support.

Currently, Jane is growing small onions and greens in the swamp down the hill and selling those to support her dependents. The piece of land she was using has been partially sold so she’s waiting to see what she has left to use. Before this, she was getting wood from the village and making charcoal. That was more lucrative but is much more regulated now so she had to stop.

As she is older, she feels a water tank is a good choice for her. She can stay home and sell all day. The only other water available is either directly from the swamp which makes people sick or from a tap that is owned by a man who works during the day so the water is only available when he is home.

Jane will arrange to have the base built for the tank. She is asking for a 10,000 litre tank worth 2,500,000.

4. Zaitun – $550 – Catering and Hotel (restaurant) – Sponsored by Dr. Knox Students!

28 years old, 6 dependents, married (second-hand trouser seller)

Zaitun was married young (before leaving high school) as being married was better and offered more security than living at home. Her husband already had two children and she has had 4 babies in the past 7 years. The youngest is 10 months. To help with money, she sells small items on the roadside.

Her sister has been very successful with a chapatti and chips stand, to the point where she has now purchased land and has built a home. Zaitun hopes to be able to be successful with her business as well. Her sister will help her get it up and running.

She is able to make the basics of chapatti and chips but has little experience in running such a restaurant. She says that she’s a hard worker, she is willing to try anything, and she has good customer relations skills.

She is asking for tables, chairs, saucepans, charcoal stoves, tableware, and 3 months rent. Eventually she wants to get a fridge. The total cost is 1,500,000 shillings.

5. Jen – $600 – Snack Shop and Canteen – Partially sponsored ($100)

44 years old, 1 son, 1 granddaughter, widow

Jen has been washing laundry for university students for a year now but is finding that she does not have the strength to continue such heavy work as her health is not strong. She wants her two dependents to complete school so she is looking for something she can do close to home that will provide enough money for school fees.

She is asking for 3 months rent, a fridge, a kettle, cups, a charcoal stove, and basic snack supplies to start.

6. Mama Boost for Hadijjah – $200 – Sponsored!

Hadijjah has been running a very successful “restaurant” but was told that the property was sold and she had to vacate in 24 hours. She saved enough money to pay three months rent in a new location but she now wants to expand and provide cold drinks so she is requesting a chest fridge.