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Girls’ Repro Health Workshop

Here is the video outlining our reproductive health program. Click here.


When we visit the girls and women and distribute the Days for Girls Sanitary Kits, we always do a Reproductive Health Education Workshop with them. This workshop can last from 1-3 hours depending on the questions that the girls ask.

There are a few guidelines to follow before a workshop:

1. Make sure the leader, elder, headmaster is fully aware of the topics you are going to cover in your presentation.

2. No men are allowed during the presentation.

3. Have an interpreter there that has a good relationship with the girls and women attending the presentation. Even if they know English, some topics covered won’t be familiar to them. Having someone who can explain in their own language will help relax the participants.

We always start with telling the women that we are not nurses or doctors, just women like them who go through the same thing as they do each month.

We use ourselves as examples and we speak honestly about our own experiences. Most of the participants have never had “the talk” and know little about their own reproductive health. Be open and honest and have fun! It may seem embarrassing but you are providing a huge service for these girls and women who often have to hide in shame when they are menstruating.

Open the floor up to questions. Be prepared to be shocked by what some of the young girls are asking but don’t show it. Their life experiences are completely different from yours. NEVER JUDGE or CRITICIZE.

We always end the presentation by telling them that they now have the knowledge and must be the teachers for the girls and women in their community who did not attend the presentation.

Here are the resources we use:

Puberty in Girls

Female Reproductive System Information

Days for Girls Teaching Pkg Part 1

Days for Girls Teaching Pkg Part 2

Days for Girls FAQs

How to Use the Kit Infographic

Talking about the Kit

The Putzi Fly

Male reproductive system

Anatomical interior view of intercourse

How to Use a Condom


ABCs & SayingNo

Communicable and Non

The Tippy Tap

Tippy Tap Instructions

Feel free to use these resources when you want to share this important information with the girls and women that you are working with all around the world but please don’t change them. If we have made a mistake, let me know and I will make the necessary adjustments. We need to share this information openly and honestly.

We are working on getting the information translated into French and Spanish but if you can translate it into another language and would be willing to volunteer your time, please let me know and I will add the translation to our website.