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Presenter Training

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer presenter of the ISEE workshops for girls and boys? These presentations are gender specific and so only men can do the boys’ presentation and only women can do the girls’ presentation.

This is a multi-step training:

1. You attend two presentations as an observer to make sure you understand what is being presented and to ensure you are comfortable with all the information being presented. If there is a component of the program you will not present or you are not comfortable talking about, we ask you to not apply to be a volunteer presenter.

2. You attend a one day workshop to learn more about the presentation, to practice and to prepare to be presenter.

3. You co-present two or more presentations with an ISEE board member. You will be asked to present the different components of the presentation and your presentation will be evaluated. Feedback is to be expected and a follow-up meeting will be required.

It is important to note that you will never do an ISEE presentation on your own. Our policy is that there are always two or more presenters, one of whom must be a board member, especially when you are new.

There is not payment for this presentation. All presenters are 100% volunteer.

Still interested?

Contact erika (at) iseesolutions (dot) org if you are woman wishing to be trained or corey (at) iseesolutions (dot) org if you are a man.