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Kit Production

When we do our presentations, we are often asked to teach the women how to make the kits. While we would love to be able to do this, we have been unable to source PUL (poly-urethane laminate) in Uganda. This fabric is necessary in the shield as it prevents it from leaking.

However, we do occasionally have PUL that has been sent or carried to Uganda. When this happens, we would be happy to arrange to share the steps in making the kits.

In this one-day workshop, the participants will learn how to make the three sewn components: the drawstring bag, the flannel pad, and the cotton shield. Sewing experience is a must as we don’t have enough time to also teach how to sew!

Each participant should be able to complete enough components for one kit (one bag, eight pads, two shields) in the one day presentation. ISEE will donate the materials for these components as well as two Ziploc bags, one facecloth, soap, and two pairs of underwear to complete the kit.

Upon successful completion of the first kit, the participants will be given materials to complete a few more kits on their own (depending on how much PUL we have). The additional non-sewn components will not be provided.

We require no more than 10 participants per workshop. Sewing machines must be provided on site as well as thread and other sewing necessities (scissors, pins, extra needles, etc.) as required for the proper functioning of the machines. ISEE does not travel with sewing machines.

If you would like to coordinate a workshop, please contact erika(at)iseesolutions(dot)org to see if PUL is available and to coordinate a time. ISEE will travel throughout Uganda to share this workshop but participants must have attended a reproductive health workshop before learning to sew the kits.