ISEE Solutions

Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

ISEE Projects

Here is a brief summary of our four main projects. Please visit the specific pages for more details and application forms for each specific project.

ISEE Reproductive Health

  1. Reproductive Health Workshops – presenting to girls and women about the reproductive system, menstruation, HIV/AIDS and other STDs, safe sex (including how to use a condom), and self-esteem/empowerment – ends with the distribution of a re-usable sanitary kit
  2. Reproductive Health Training – training women to present the workshops to the girls and women in their communities
  3. Sanitary Kit Production – one day workshop on how to make the kits. Supplies provided to make the kits during training and for completing a set amount of kits on their own after the end of the training.

Women who attend all three workshops plus a project manager workshop can then become “ISEE Woman to Woman” Project coordinators. This bank of women then becomes the ones ISEE deals with directly when supplies need to be distributed etc.

A similar program is being developed for the boys in primary school, ages 10-13 to talk about puberty, health and hygiene.


ISEE Mama Nguvu – Empowering the Mother (this could also be a grandmother, father or grandfather)

This project is to empower mothers and grandmothers who are responsible for the care of their children but who do not have a reliable source of income. Applicants submit an application form and business proposal that is reviewed and then funded if approved with the understanding that the business profits will be used first and foremost for the education of the children.


ISEE Educational Sponsorship

  1. Sponsoring Materials – providing educational tools for programs aimed at providing students with employable skills (i.e.: sewing machines, cooking implements, agricultural tools etc) or scholastic material that is hard to come by in Uganda.
  2. Sponsoring Time – volunteers provide time to work with locals to develop their skills either within an educational setting or in the field of work (i.e.: teachers working with teachers or a carpenter working with a carpentry team)
  3. Sponsoring Orphans – children who do not have families that can benefit from the Mama Nguvu program would be eligible for sponsorship when a donor became available.

ISEE Livelihood

This project offers the opportunity for locals who wish to begin or invest further into a business to apply for funding for specific materials for their (potential) business. The aim is to give a leg up to start or make a business a success. The business needs to benefit not only the individual but also the family and/or the community. There must also be an element of “giving back.” All projects must fit under the mandate of Sustainability, Education and Empowerment as outlined in our constitution. (see About – Our Constitution)