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Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

Empowering Schools

A Ugandan high school receives Science equipment from a Canadian college.

ISEE sponsors education projects in three ways.

1. Canadian Volunteers

Volunteers from Canada work with teachers in Uganda to develop their educational practices. By following a team-teaching model, both individuals benefit from learning from each other and growing their practice. Ugandan schools can request team-teaching opportunities by contacting our Ugandan project manager: andrew(at)iseesolutions(dot)org

2. Vocational and Training School Sponsorship

ISEE seeks to empower youth through vocational and skills training programs. We are interested in projects that seek to train vulnerable youth in employable skills in their community. Projects we have sponsored to date include two tailoring schools, motorcycle mechanic training, hairdressing, and most recently, brick-making.

3. Educational Materials

There are certain educational materials that are not easy to come by in Uganda. When ISEE has room, we are happy to carry items that have been donated in Canada that have been specifically requested by schools or organizations in Uganda. If you have educational items that you feel would be of value in Uganda (Science equipment, laptops, Math manipulatives, etc.) please contact us. ISEE is not in a financial position to purchase any items but will happily transport items requested by schools and organizations in Uganda.

There are also items that are available in Uganda but that a school or organization may need help procuring (from the basic pencil in a disadvantaged school to a sewing machine for a tailoring program in a village). ISEE will consider purchasing these items to meet the needs of the school or organization, based on the availability of funds and the identified needs of the school/organization.

If you are a school or organization that would like to request specific, non-accessible items from Canada or items that can be purchased in Uganda but are beyond your means, please contact corey(at)iseesolutions(dot)org.