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ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions


Here is our new model! The guards are sleeker and have a band for ease of inserting and removing the pads, the pads are a double square, the bags are backpacks for ease of transport and we’re including a hygiene bags to carry the soiled pads home for washing. Instructions for making the components for the sets will be uploaded once we start production of the new sets.

It is a well researched fact that educated women help move their families and communities out of poverty.

One of ISEE’s big projects is to empower young women to attend school. Many girls leave school when they start menstruating as they have no way of keeping clean. ISEE has a team of volunteers who sews items for the reusable menstrual sets as well as a team of paid tailors in Uganda who make items for these sets.

We hold sewing bees on a regular basis to make these sets. We need sewers and non-sewers alike. Please contact us if you would like to attend these bees or if you are outside the Central Okanagan and would like to make items for the sets, please let us know. We will guide you though the process. 

The girls love bright colours! Please use colourful and patterned fabric. We cannot use fabric that has pigs and we avoid dogs, people or halloween themed fabric.

Wash Cloths

We purchase these in Uganda as they are inexpensive and it helps us invest in the local economy.


These are made with good quality flannel and are a double layer 9″ square. Please remember that they need to be dark or heavily patterned to avoid the embarrassment of obvious stains. The edges are serged to prevent fraying.


These are the most complex pieces of the set and require a bit of effort to make sure they are well shaped. They also require a PUL liner to prevent the blood from leaking through. We have experts who can help you learn to make these items of the sets.

Hygiene Bags – instructions

We are moving away from the plastic bags (Ziplocs) and starting to make small moisture-resistant bags to transport the soiled pads home for washing. We often have sets of materials ready to sew these bags so contact us if you’d like a pack!

Drawstring Backpacks

The sets for the girls are now held in a drawstring backpack. The pattern is Simplicity #1602, shape F/G. Fun and colourful fabric is always greatly appreciated! We often have cord available if you need some to complete the backpacks.

Primary 4-7 girls at Kyengera Preparatory School with Laurel’s beautiful backpacks.