ISEE Solutions

Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions


The purposes of the society include:

–  to develop or promote public health by providing workshops on preventative measures for health problems and educational presentations on female sexual health and the reproductive system

Activities in Support of Purpose: It is increasingly understood that promoting education and ensuring health for the women within a community helps lift the said community out of poverty. ISEE Solutions will offer workshops and programs for the women within communities to promote their esteem and health focusing primarily on sexual health and reproduction.

Reproductive Health Education Workshop: A 1 to 3 hour workshop focussing on reproduction, menstruation, STDs and self-esteem.

– to advance education in developing nations by providing leadership training and professional development  programs and workshops

Activities in Support of Purpose:

Professional Development Workshops (PDW)

Many people express to us that they “want to help” but don’t really know how they can. In the past Canadian and Ugandan teachers have been brought together in order to facilitate professional dialogue and development. While this was and is a valuable process, it is specific and limited to accredited members of that profession.  ISEE’s mandate includes professional development training and our vision is that this will be an inclusive, non-limited process that will match Canadian volunteers with any teachable, employment-relevant skill set to Ugandan learners and/or peers.

While specific training and accreditation is available to Ugandans in their own country, the programs offered are frequently very expensive and thus unattainable for many. Some skill sets are taught in an entirely theoretical fashion and would benefit from an inoculation of practical experience from a Canadian peer. Finally, materials, texts and/or documentation for some highly technical skills such as computer programming are simply not readily available in the country.

ISEE’s Professional Development Workshop (PDW) is a module designed to match a pre-selected learner group with a Canadian volunteer for two weeks of intensive training.

Young women at a vocational school in Gulu participate in a presentation on women’s health and sexuality.