ISEE Solutions

Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions


Who is ISEE Solutions Society?

ISEE Solutions is a grassroots society that focuses on projects in Uganda. All directors and members are volunteers who feel passionate about the importance of Investing in the following areas:


ISEE Solutions Society implements sustainability projects including small scale farming programs to break the cycle of donor dependence and create self-sufficiency in orphanages in Kampala, Uganda.


ISEE Solutions Society establishes, facilitates and nurtures teaching partnerships between Ugandan and Canadian education professionals.

ISEE Solutions Society provides educational funding for Ugandan children and adults.

ISEE Solutions Society supplies scholastic material to educational institutions.


ISEE Solutions Society facilitates workshops focused on personal and professional development based upon the needs identified by the Ugandan community and based upon the collective intelligence of the Canadian volunteers.

ISEE Solutions Society equips women with knowledge about their health to ensure that they care for themselves and therefore are available to care for their dependants.

P4 Students at a primary school in Nateete write replies to postcards from Canadian students.


If you have a skill to share,

if you have time to spare,

or if you have an interest in learning more,

please contact erika (at) iseesolutions (dot) org.