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Brick Making Update

Geoffrey Omongin’s brick making project has entered its next phase. They have begun the process of baking the bricks.

the front of the kiln showing two of the fire channels
the start of the kiln
detail inside the fire channel
the fire will burn for at least 36 hours in order to create enough heat to fire all the bricks
from now until the baking is finished, the kiln will be continually manned by at least two people
it will take at least 5 truck loads (!!) of wood to fire the bricks
the kiln is coated in mud to protect it from rain as well as to act as insulation

Geoffrey tells us that the burning is so far going well, despite the threat of rain.

Once the bricks are completed they will cool and then be sold. The profit he makes will be shared with his workers as well as used to prepare more bricks. His next task, he says, is to pump out the ground water that has accumulated in the excavation site so that he can harvest more clay. The access to the site has been improved so he anticipates this happening next week or so.

the water in the excavation site

He also needs to replace many of the hand tools used in the process as the clay is extremely hard on tools. One wheelbarrow is completely beyond repair, he says, and all of the picks and shovels will need to be replaced.

the burning in full force

We will keep you updated as we hear more. Thank you so much to all our patrons who have helped make this project possible! If you have any questions or comments, please email us directly. If you want to ask questions of Geoffrey, please contact us and we will forward them to him.

Webale Nnyo!

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