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Some amazing feedback

As we get ready for the team to leave, I want to say a huge thank you to the team for all their amazing work. Lots of pieces come together to make the ISEE puzzle complete and the team is a big piece!

I also want to share two emails I received from schools we visited. It is always so amazing to get such positive feedback.

Dear Erika, 
With great pleasure I take this opportunity to thank you and entire ISEE SOLUTIONS family for the love you showed Kyengera preparatory school when you visited us yesterday. The football gear and balls,  the reading books,the instructional materials, playing materials and above all your physical presence painted a different image to our school in the community. 
We pray for you God’s blessings. 
Looking forward to receiving you more and more times. 
Webale nyo. 
In friendship 

On behalf of the Management, staff, parents and students of Alpha and Omega Day and Boarding Junior School, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the entire family of I SEE SOLUTIONS- Ms. Erika Van Oyen, Andrew and the entire team that visited us on Friday 12th July, 2019, for the special love you poured out to our students (both boys and girls) through the special and life giving and saving discussions you had with them on key topical issues such as puberty, adolescence, body growth and changes, preparations for menstrual periods, personal hygiene, how to keep safe and complete school up to the university, etc. 

Many of the guardians, parents and caregivers in Uganda today are not well equipped with skills and knowledge and even information to openly or freely share with their sons and daughters on some of the issues you handled. Some of the parents are not able to due to cultural beliefs. Your coming is so timely. You planted lasting seeds in the lives of these children and the generations to come. I made a follow up interaction with both boys and girls asking them what and how they benefited from the discussion and how they are planning to help their friends, brothers and sisters out there. It is amazing to hear what they plan to do. Some have already shared with parents and other family members.

I would also like to thank you for donating sanitary packages to our girls. Tears rolled down my eyes when I saw our female students coming out from the discussion rooms with sanitary packages. Many of these girls painfully struggle when they reach their menstrual periods. Their parents are not able to help their daughters. I remember one girl who once visited my office and told me of how she is using a torn piece of sweater as sanitary pads. 

I lack words to express my gratitude. May God richly bless you.

Geoffrey Omongin”

Thanks team! Safe journey home.

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