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July 9 according to Jeanette

We headed to St. Kizito Primary School and presented to 80 girls. The girls were very responsive and very appreciative of learning all about puberty, menstruation, and staying safe. The girls then received a lesson on how to use and how to maintain their kits. These kits are a wonderful gift to these girls. Our group of girls applauded all the workers back in Canada sewing kits. Today we had only one presentation so we were free to head to downtown Kampala in search of fabric. Quite the experience and so many choices. This evening Teo, from a sewing school, came to take our orders for skirts, dresses, jackets. We are adjusting to the pace in Uganda and enjoy meeting all the children. Still haven’t adjusted to the extremely bumpy roads and not sure that we will.

Mwelaba – Jeanette

** I (Erika) would like to add that the team is doing such an awesome job! They have taken on the presentations and so I have been spending time getting to know more about the schools where we are presenting and meeting the people in charge to hear their stories. I have met some incredible Ugandans, as I always do. They are truly inspiring. Today I even had the opportunity to read to a grade 1 class while their teacher was helping translate the presentation to the girls. The students were just sitting at their desks waiting for the teacher to return so I asked if I could read to them. They were a very clever group and spoke a lot of English despite being so young.

Thanks to Anna for finding the school and for all her help with the presentation today. Thank you to Betty today for taking the team to the fabric market in town – always a hair-raising experience!!! And thank you to Teo and Veronica from Yimba Uganda who listened to our requests, took our measurements and fabric, and who are now tasked with the creation of some awesome pieces of clothing. We re excited to see what they come back with on Sunday.

Full day tomorrow – off to Luweero, past Bombo, for 2 presentations. Everyone is in bed early to be well rested for the journey. **

The grade 1 class (P1) and their teacher Betty who had returned from interpreting the presentations.

The Queen

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