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Almost Time to Go!

It’s hard to believe that Uganda is only 4 days away!

The team leaves July 1st and we arrive late on July 2nd. It’s about 33 hours from bed to bed with 25 hours passing between the start of the first flight and the end of the third flight. Add in there the travel time to and from the airport, the time needed for checking in, and the visa/luggage time in Entebbe, and you get to the number of about 33 hours. It’s a long journey but SO worth it!


June has been another amazing month for ISEE. We held our last sewing bee at the start of the month and celebrated all the hard work with a thank you cake for our volunteers. Not all of them were there and there were a few new faces (yay!) but we wanted an opportunity to thank everyone for all their hard work. We surpassed our goal of 1500 kits (so 3000 shields and 6000 pads) but our weight restrictions are only allowing us to travel with those 1500 kits. Between the 7 of us, we will have 20 suitcases of 50lbs each!

A HUGE thank you to these two amazing ladies – my mum Judith and her amazing friend Margaret. Mum coordinates the sewing bees, and keeps a close count on all the items we have and Margaret is the queen of shields – making sewing kits and ensuring all the sewers have all the pieces they need to complete  the shields to the required standard. ISEE could not do the work we do without these two amazing ladies. We are so blessed to have them as part of our team.

We’ve had some more donations come in for the Ugandan portion of the kits and are now at $4400 raised of the $5000 we were needing to raise before heading to Uganda in July. It’s not too late to donate toward the last $600 we need. That last bit will cover the cost of the last 180 kits (or so!). Please donate through our PayPal account to or send a cheque to the address to the right to help us reach our goal.

Three students at Dr Knox decided to make the water tank project at Kyengera Preparatory School part of their Passion Project and raised $117.00 through a bake sale. “We don’t want the kids to miss school because they have to collect water,” said one of the girls. We look forward to sending photos to Dr Knox to be able to show them what a difference their bake sale has made.

Webale nnyo (thank you very much) to everyone who has been involved over the past year (and beyond!). While we are the ones doing the work in Uganda, you are the ones who make it all possible. We so appreciate everything you do, your investment in our dream and your words of encouragement. We’ll be blogging every day while we are in Uganda so please keep checking back or sign up for notifications of the blog updates (in the column on the right).

Have an awesome July!

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