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Day 1 – Kits!

After what seemed to be unusually long flights, despite arriving in Amsterdam and in Entebbe early, I was expecting the usual two hours to clear customs and get our bags. We landed in Entebbe at 10:15 and Corey and I made a bet about what time we’d actually step out of the airport.

Corey: 11:30-45

Erika: midnight

We even had an extra form to fill out to declare that we didn’t have symptoms of ebola!

We sailed through health (the two people in front if us said they had had their yellow fever shots but didn’t have their forms), had our passports scanned, then walked up to the visa counter where my visa was a reprint from last year (“She has been many times before. We don’t need a new photo”) but Corey only took a few minutes longer anyway.

Our connection in Amsterdam was only just over an hour so I was worried about our luggage but there it was, cruising around the conveyer belt, just waiting for us to pick. This was just too easy!

Then we had to scan our bags through the security check. This requires lifting them all onto a belt to be scanned then running to the other side to collect them before they end up all in a heap on the ground. As we were loading all the bags back onto our cart, a security agent came over and stated, “We need to check one of your bags.” Phooey. It had been too good to be true.

We came around the back of the customs area and asked which bag they wanted to see. “Anyone. Whichever is easiest.” So we unzipped a the duffle bag on the top of the pile, one full of kits and explained to the three guards what they were for. The female security guard asked where we were handing them out and then wished us a nice stay.

With the new bypass, we were actually at the Apricot by midnight. Banange Uganda! You surprise me again.

Today, Tuesday, we visited Betty at her tailoring school then headed to Andrew’s to assemble the 100 kits I will need next week. We also brought another 274 regular kits and 130 mama kits that will stay at Andrew’s until July.

Corey cut soap and I folded pads then we assembled the kits in the beautiful bags made by Marion and Laurel that the primary school girls will receive on Monday. Awesome bright colours! We also added the handwritten notes from the Guides in Kelowna. The girls here will be thrilled.

While we were assembling kits, Andrew prepared a delicious meal for us to gobble down once we were done. He is certainly a great cook!

Now we are just cooling down before heading out for supper. As we were driving along, an outdoor digital thermometer said it was 47degrees celsius. I doubt it was but it was certainly warm. Even Davis said it was hot. Not far off 30 for sure.

So that’s it to start! A great start to an amazing ten days. Hope you are all well.

In friendship,


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