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Mama Boosts – Hadijja

So far, ISEE has sponsored 47 mamas nguvu projects. A few have failed for a variety of reasons and some are doing really well. When dealing with humans, it is never a guarantee that things will go as expected!

As well, we have had some Mamas who have worked really hard but who have fallen on hard times (a sick child, destruction of her home/business, theft, etc) and some Mamas who have done so well that they could go even further. ISEE has decided to try giving out a few Mama Boosts this year – additional funding for Mamas who are working hard and who could use a little boost or Mamas who were working hard but have met insurmountable challenges.

Our first recipient this year is Hadijja, a Mama in Kawempe, who was sponsored last year for her chapatti and chips stand. She initially received some cooking equipment and a display table with an umbrella. She has been working very hard and has always been open and easy to work with for Andrew. Recently, she has been facing the menace of the Kampala City Authority who shuts down roadside stalls that aren’t in permanent buildings. The closings are random but she felt her area was starting to be targeted more and more.

Thanks to a donation from Gifts to Grandmas in Kelowna, Hadijja was able to look for a new permanent location. She found this room on the side of a busy road, close to home, where she can cook outside and then have a restaurant inside. She will still be making her famous chips and chapattis but will also be able to offer more and offer seating. She will be employing a girl who will serve inside the restaurant (what is called a hotel here) as she cooks.

Through great negotiations, she was able to reduce the rent and has some targeted money left for supplies for her shop. ISEE will top up from our other generous donations and purchase for Hadijja some chairs, tables, tableware, and more stoves and saucepans. The total boost won’t be more than $500 which includes three months rent. A small amount to take this young mother of two to the next level in her business.

Yesterday, we paid her rent and the place is now hers. She has a few days before her possession so she will get a wishlist to us “mangu mangu” (quickly quickly) so that she can be up and running before I leave.

A great start to the Mama side of things! Thank you to everyone who supported Hadijja in 2017 and now in the 2018 boost. Your generosity is making a huge difference!

Have a fabulous day. – Erika

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