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Two Young Women

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to two young women who would like to take a step forward in securing their future. We are looking for sponsors for these two – Catherine is looking to be sponsored as a Mama Nguvu candidate and Lydia wants to attend tailoring school.

Thank you to Andrew for sharing these proposals.

1. Catherine – total business sponsorship cost: $200

Age: 22yrs
Status: Young mother
Aspiration: Business
Reason: she dropped out in the middle of a course in confectionary and baking.
Her story:
She lives in one of the slums called Namuwongo. She studied until senior four but was unable to continue because of the lack of school fees. Like many girls in this area she joined a training institute to acquire some skills for survival. She studied for two terms but was not able to sit for the final exams as her mother couldn’t raise the final fees.
When she dropped she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy who is turning 3yrs very soon. Her desire is to be able to give an education to her son, so he doesn’t end up on drugs or alcohol because of a lack of education.
She has filled in an ISEE Solutions form applying for a business opportunity to start out small and work towards putting her child in school and also leaving her mum’s house soon. She will be making local snacks called samosa and mandazi. She believes that this would give her a good start and because she has the knowledge and knows how to make them, she can be successful.


2. Lydia – total school sponsorship cost:

$150 a month x 4 months = $600

Age: 18yrs
Status: Teenage mother
Aspiration: Fashion Design
Her story;
She got pregnant at the age of 15yrs, she was in senior one at the time. She then dropped out school due to this condition and has never been able to go back to school and pursue her dream.
Speaking to her she said that her dream was doing fashion and design at the later stage after school. She thinks that it is time to get back on her feet as her daughter called Monica is now 2yrs and has some level of independence.
She doesn’t seem to want to join formal secondary school because she feels delayed and her friends have since moved on. She wants to learn how to tailor clothes and have a start from there to get her life going.

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