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A few words from Erika

Happy Sunday evening!

We no longer have any wifi so you won’t be hearing from your loved ones who are using their devices to communicate with you in the next 12-24 hours until we get more data added to our account. It’s amazing how fast data is used between 9 people!

We’ve just had our first BIG cockroach scurrying through the main room but I managed to catch him and release him outside. He was about 2″ long so I was able to hear where he dropped to the ground (like a crunchy thud) so it was easy to locate him and trap him under a cup. Why not crush him you ask? 2″ is long and makes a lot of goo. Plus if it is a female with eggs, it can spread the eggs that leads to more baby cockroaches in the near future. Or so I have been told.

We’ve had an amazing first week! Hard to believe we’ve been away from home for a full 7 days. The team has gelled really well and everyone is walking around with eyes like saucers trying to absorb all that they are seeing. We’ve had tears, illness, exhaustion, bumps and scrapes but also so many laughs and so much joy. I’m feeling very grateful for these ladies who have put their faith in me and ISEE to share this amazing country and who have been flexible and open-minded as we experience life that is so very different than ours.

I’m sure that a warm shower will be greatly appreciated when we get home… we have no not water at the dorms.

More to come tomorrow with photos.

🙂 Erika

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