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Update on Immaculate

Report by Andrew Echel, ISEE Ugandan Project Coordinator


This week I took time to follow up on our appointment with Immaculate and visited at her new place.

Early last month she opened up a new salon within Namuwongo. The house costs 100,000/- for rent per month and is located in a good place because it is next to a road.

She testified that is a much better place, saying that at least unlike the former she has saved something to pay off rent and to buy some hair pieces and chemicals. Meanwhile she employed another lady who is always at the salon as she attends to her day job. She still has all her items that we bought her at the start and they still function well like the basin, hair dryer {this one, the top got broken but she has replaced it since}, portable hair dryer and the chairs.

I also phoned Grace Mesiku Obina who told me that she has moved from her previous residence because the owner of the piece of land decided to sell, so they had to move because they have since demolished all the houses in that area. She now lives in a place called Kireka but her shop is still in Kisugu, it is quite a distance from her home to the shop so she has to time and again sleep at the shop. Otherwise she said that her family is well and the kids are okay just getting over the shifting transition as she says that it was not very easy for them to get a house in such a short notice.

Incidentally I also met Mr. Okot Godfrey who was the Director of Studies at St. Mary’s High school, the school that had moved from Kabalagala when we went to follow up. He told me that they had moved to a much larger place in a place called Bukasa, we spoke for a while and told me that we are still welcome to visit the school and carry out our program. He left me his number and asked me to call him whenever we want to visit the school.

Report by;

Echel Andrew

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