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Mama Update – Oct 15th 2016

I had the privilege to continue serving the ISEE solutions society doing my usual rounds visiting the Mama’s that we serve. I visited three Mamas’ during the week Lilly, Aidah and Florence. The following is how our dialogue went;

Lilly tailor 2015; she is not very well in terms of her health because she says she has a dry cough that has been disturbing her over the past few weeks and the doctors can’t seem to find what is wrong with her. The doctors have said that they can’t even check for what is wrong because apparently she has no sputum to exam from the cough so there is not much they can do. Otherwise the rest of her family, her kids are well and have started school already and has paid at least a half the tuition for one of them. Her business is a little slow but rather she is doing it slowly and I found her doing a small order.

Aidah chips business 2015; she has been doing well even though business is still slow somewhat due to the school season. Otherwise she is well continuing with her business as usual. Her one child she lives here with is already in school and so are the two bigger ones in the village.

Florence hair salon 2015; she is well and continuing to work hard towards having her own salon and maybe just in a few weeks or even days she will be able to set up something for herself soon.

I was able to make phone contact with Salume who I will be able to meet sometime next week.

Report by;

Echel Andrew

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