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ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

Alternate Christmas Gifts

This year, why not give a gift that keeps a girl in school or allows a mother to earn enough to pay her child’s school fees? Make a difference in the life of women and children in Uganda for less than you would normally pay for a store-bought gift!

You can purchase these items either through PayPal or by sending a cheque to: ISEE Solutions Society, Suite 305, 307 Whitman Road, Kelowna, BC, V1V 2P3. Please specify which project you are donating toward and the name and address of the person who will receive the thank you card.

If you use PayPal, once you have entered your payment information, there will be a line near the top that says: My donation is for… which is where you can specify what the donation is for and the name and address of the person receiving the thank you card.

A general donation to ISEE’s work can also be made in the name of another person. 100% of all donations go directly into ISEE’s projects on the ground in Uganda. Donations over $20 receive a tax receipt.

Webale Nnyo! Thank you!

Sponsor a Sanitary Kit and Keep a Girl in School: $15.00

80% of Ugandan girls in villages leave school once they get their period. Without sanitary supplies, the girls are forced to stay home 3-5 days a month and they fall further and further behind, eventually causing them to drop out of school completely. ISEE provides girls and young women with re-usable sanitary kits and educates them on reproductive health and safety.

Sponsor a Mama Nguvu Candidate

Mama Nguvu means “Empowering the Mother” and this program sets up a woman with a small business so that she can pay school fees for her children and provide for her family’s day-to-day needs. Different women have different businesses depending on their knowledge and situation.

Business Sponsorship Possibilities:


20 x 3 day old chicks: $20.00

3 month old piglet: $30.00

Adult goat: $50.00


Bag of sewing notions: $10.00

6m traditional fabric: $20.00

New treadle sewing machine: $100.00


Set of 6 plates, cups, cutlery: $20.00

Set of extra-large saucepans: $50.00

Popcorn machine: $125.00

Nut-butter machine: $200.00

Donations can also be put toward hairdressing salons, stationery stores and soap making businesses.

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