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Chicken Farming near Mukono

1st August 2015

Week two report on the visit of Irene Juliet’s farm.

On the 27th July 2015, I was able to visit Juliet’s farm as had been programmed from the previous week. We met early in the morning at 9am in a place in Mukono called Mukono W’antony where we set off on a journey of about 15 to 20km on the Jinja road Highway.

Her farm is located about 2km off the main road and using a boda we paid about 3,000/- up to the farm. When we reached, the farm was quite big about 50metres by 75metres and it was covered by many farm activities including farming, banana plantations, maize plantations, piggery farming and her chicken farm too.

Above is the chicken pen and on these two buildings she has three rooms in which she has one room with the full grown chickens, one with the feeds (which she intends to put the fully grown chickens that she is currently raring on the farm and the third room is empty. She intends to put the new supply of chickens in these two rooms and they might just be enough for the number of chicks that she has requested, as the space looks big enough. This project looks viable, could potentially succeed and would help this family. In some of the conversations, we had pointed out how hard working the family is as her and her kids go on the farm every holiday to participate. She said that her family does not have to buy food anymore because the farm is able to supply them food all year round. They also do piggery, they are able to have chicken feeds from the maize that they get from the farm, which is processed for maize flour, and the remains used as maize brand.

This is some of the harvest that from then previously and this is what they mill into maize brand for both the chicken and pigs.

This is Juliet with the woman who helps her out on the farm when she is not around. In my opinion this project is very good and I would love that ISEE could be a part of this beautiful project. She obviously has a good knowledge of what she wants and her desire for week old chicks ensures that they will survive the condition because the place does not have power to help bring light and warmth.

I was pleased to carry out the exercise, as it was not only fulfilling but also amazing to be part of this life changing experience, I hope everything works out as planned. I was not able to come with Anna because it was far.

Report written and compiled by Echel Andrew.

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