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Shopping for the last Mamas

I hate to admit it but I wimped out a bit today! After signing the contracts with the last 7 Mamas, we took five to go shopping. Now, when I appear with the group to buy any items in the market, there is suddenly a sharp increase in price. Doesn’t matter who is doing the negotiating; the price becomes mzungu price.

So today, I opted to stay in the van. Not that being in the van was more pleasant than doing the shopping because it is hot and busy and dusty, but at least I wasn’t fighting the crowds and I knew Andrew was able to get a better deal. This did mean that I sat in the van for five hours this afternoon on plastic seats.

No matter! We can now say that we have 28 women who have received sponsorship through Mama Nguvu. That is amazing. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible. Our coffers are now pretty much empty and need refilling to be able to go through this process again next year! Please consider donating to help our pool of Mamas grow.

Tomorrow will be interesting… we are having a reproductive health workshop in a very large school and will be presenting to 300 girls all at once. Our biggest crowd ever! Not sure how successful it will be.

Have a great Wednesday.

Meeting with the women and going over the contract.


Left to Right: Me! Aidah (fried snacks), Florence (restaurant), Irene Juliet (poultry), Betty (g-nut), Edith (popcorn), Salume (popcorn), Fadhilah (photocopying), Anna – my right hand woman!


Betty selects her g-nut grinding machine.


Edith and Salume check that the popcorn machines work properly.


Florence and Aidah select their dishes and cups.


Aidah continues to select her items.


Aidah with all her items in front of her food stall.

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