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ISEE Solutions - Investing in Sustainability, Education and Empowerment Solutions

Merry Christmas!

And thank you to everyone for helping us have such an amazingly successful year in 2014. Here is a snapshot of what we accomplished…

We handed out 1000 sanitary kits and taught 1000 girls about reproductive health and their rights to their body.

We taught 600 boys about health, hygiene, safe sex and respect for girls and women.

We empowered 11 women in their businesses and through those business opportunities, 100 more children attended school.

We trained teachers in Reading Power, 6+1 Writing Traits, Hands-On Math, and Phonics.

We provided a school with a living classroom filled with chicks that also acts as an income generating project for classroom resources.

We gave a primary school a library, added PE equipment, and donated musical instruments.

We employed three women and they sewed 8000 pads and 1000 bags for our sanitary kits.

We partnered with Lamwo Rock Foundation for Children and Youth and purchased 16 sewing machines for their tailoring program in Lokung, Lamwo district.

We met and interviewed elders in the North to learn more about their history to be able to share that through a short documentary.

We shared Uganda with 7 new travellers from Canada and New Zealand.

We made new connections and new friends.

It has been an amazing year but none could have happened without your continued support. Thank you for believing in ISEE as I and we believe in ISEE.

Maisha Marefu.


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