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Lamwo in Brief

Here is a snapshot of our amazingly productive time in Lamwo.

Corey, Charlie and Andrew presented at two primary schools and handed out 170 hygiene kits for boys.

Ellen, Linda and I presented together at two primary schools and a secondary school, handing out 270 kits in three presentations.




Then Linda spent one afternoon and the following morning teaching how to make the kits to the women in the tailoring program through Lamwo Rock Foundation. She also taught the women how to use and care for the kits and they each received their own kit.




Meanwhile, Ellen and I presented once more to P6 and P7 girls at another primary school. Between all the presentations, we handed out 350 kits all total!


Corey also spent time with Grace and Simon to prepare a syllabus for the computer training that LRF is going to offer. Another project he undertook with Andrew and Charlie was to meet and interview some of the elders to learn more about life in the village. He is going to put together a short documentary once we are home. The last day, we returned to Nonai village to thank the elders by providing a goat for them. While we waited for the goat, Charlie and Andrew threw out a couple of soccer balls for the children to play with. The boys started playing football and the girls played volleyball.


A goat was brought from one of the homes and an elderly blind woman joined our group. It was her goat that we were asking to buy for the elders. She is this lady in the red dress.


In typical Uganda fashion, there was heavy negotiation and the price of the goat was reduced from 100,000 shillings to 90,000. We paid the lady and we presented the goat to the respected elder representative. There was much ululating and hand shaking and “ofoyo matek” (thank you very much). The elders thanked us as well by providing us with a bag of simsim (sesame seeds) that they had recently harvested. It was a moving experience.


This is really just a snapshot as there were so many more amazing experiences that we shared with the lovely villages in Lamwo District. More will be shared but I wanted to give you all just a brief summary of our amazing time!

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