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The Team is Almost Here!

The first three team members will arrive tonight. Ellen, Charlie and Linda, the founder of Days for Girls Okanagan and a wonderful last minute addition to the team, will wing their way into Entebbe airport at 10:50pm to begin their 2 weeks of busy Uganda business.

Corey and I have spent this past week getting the house ready for being 11 residents instead of 2. 5 extra beds were delivered and furniture was moved all around.

The dining room became a sitting room.


The training room became a dining room with the office table added for all of us to sit together. It is also a storage area for the next load for delivery and this load is heading to Lokung on Tuesday!



The office is now a bedroom for 3 and a storage area for all the items for Kiwuliriza Primary.


This bedroom is also a storage room for the items waiting to delivery. We have the items for Njeru, Jinja and Mukono in here.


This room has stayed the same. A nice double bed!


The living room is now also a bedroom for two. The items for Loving Hearts Babies’ Home are going to be piled in here.


Now all we need is the people! Let the adventure begin.

We will try to have something new posted each night so check the blog daily to see what the team has been up to. That does not include next week however as we may not have any internet access up North. Remember that no news is good news so don’t panic if there is no communication for a while! We are all ok.

I can tell you from experience that emails from home are very much appreciated. Even if not much happened, just hearing about the day to day at home can be wonderful to read about. Be generous with your emails!

Thanks for the support.

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