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Mama Nguvu – Empowering the Mother

An exciting new project for the new year!

We are moving away from the idea of sponsoring children (except in the case of orphans) and moving toward sponsoring mothers. The idea is that when we sponsor one child in a family, it raises that child but leaves the others in the family behind. That child may not be the best choice to sponsor (another child may be stronger academically) or the child may leave once the education is done and that leaves the family in the same state as it was before. By sponsoring a mother, we are raising the whole family up and guaranteeing the education of all the children. No mother will educate one child to the detriment of the others. It’s not done here. So by providing the mother a business that is conducive to her situation, we can then serve the whole family by investing in the education of all the children. Projects include livestock (pigs, goats, cows, chicken, rabbits), gardens, mushrooming, tailoring, and catering. We collect money for these projects and use the money to support the specific business plan that that mother feels will be most beneficial to her.

Possible costs for the projects (the price of livestock varies greatly):
12 chickens: $120 (special breed resistant to disease)
8 piglets: $400
1 cow in calf: $1000
5 goats: $100
1 sewing machine: $200

It is important to understand that while you may donate to buy 5 goats, the money may be put toward 8 pigs or 12 chickens if that is what the mother feels will be better for her situation. We cannot force goats on a home that can only sustain chickens.

Here is a video to show the first recipient of the Mama Nguvu Grant! Take a look and join us on this exciting new project!

Introducing Mama Nguvu: Empowering the Mother

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