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Pastor George and Gulu Crested Crane Secondary School

We have had a productive day in Gulu.

We started by visiting Pastor George, an amazing man that we met last year and to whom we gave many books. He is a visionary and while he preaches the word of God, he is realistic in his view about the need to provide more than religion. He said “I wish to educate the entire child: spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.” Can’t disagree with that. He wants to work in his communities to develop sustainable and empowering projects. Sounds like a good ISEE match to me!

This afternoon we visited Gulu Crested Crane Secondary School to do our first reproductive health workshop. We had 34 girls in grades 7-10 (S1-4) attend. We had expected 65 but it is school fee time and they can’t return to school until their fees are paid.

Betty, Lilian and Lilian(!) sat in with the girls to translate if necessary but they only listened as the girls were able to understand us apparently quite well. Judging by the questions at the end, they knew exactly what we were talking about! I will post a photo of the questions that were written on little pieces of paper so that you can all see. Maybe tomorrow.

We were happy to be able to get to work doing what we have fallen in love doing. We will go to St. Patrick’s school tomorrow at 10am for our second presentation and then maybe try to connect with Grace at the Diocese vocational school that we worked with last year. I will also meet with a woman from Pastor George’s community to arrange to do a presentation at the church on Thursday.

We will have no issue “getting rid of” the kits. We need more!!!




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