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Interest in Getting Involved by Kathy

I recently attended the TimeDRIVE and wondered how the evening would go. Not knowing how it all worked I entered the Laurel Packing house and was amazed at the beauty of the building. After being whisked to my table and setting up, I learned about how the event worked. People would arrive and bid to be your volunteer. The individual offering the largest number of hours would win. I wondered how many would come? How many would volunteer?

The doors opened at 5pm and the room filled very quickly. Over the next two hours of talking at the top of my lungs (why would they have a band play at the start??) I was surprised at the progress made. I had very few people come to the table at the start, mostly because they were focused on getting a drink and some nibblies. Gradually the tables were lined with people seeking opportunities to help.

We posted for three volunteers and I figured the web design position would be gobbled up. I was wrong, although in the end we do have a fellow to help. I was sweating a bit because no one was interested. I looked at the business table behind me and they wisely put names down right away. It was probably their own name but it served to attract attention. Finally two women came up, one a student at the college that I knew. She and her friend volunteered. Yipee! Then another gal offered even more time. We also had a fellow join. In the end we have three official volunteers and one unofficial website writer. I would call that a success. More importantly were the number of willing people to give their time for numerous causes. Well done!

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